About Us

Philosopher Friedrich Nietzche stated, “The future influences the present as much as the past... our will as individuals is a faculty for the future. While the past may shape our present thinking, the future allows for society to conduct itself for what it desires.” Technology has the power to advance, and prompt change, which directly affects humans and quality of life. Not all are open to this change, which sometimes is accompanied by fear and anxiety. This project hopes to unveil the positive aspects of advancement, and present a new type of human representation, one that is developed through our desires and needs. Humanoid is a visualization of this representation, looking at three major aspects of human’s life: Home, Health, and Education. Home is being represented through the Humanoid Smart Home app that controls every aspect of your home; such as ordering groceries and even cleaning your house. The Humanoid Smart Home app is powered by artificial intelligence. A.I. is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. Health is being represented through the Humanoid Bioprinting Interactive Application. Bioprinting is powered by 3D printing technologies that are used in the medical field to create organs, prosthetics, dentures, and teeth. The use of Humanoid Bioprinting products will drastically change the medical field and increase the lifespan of humans. Education is being represented through the Humanoid Immersive Learning experience. Immersive Learning is powered by Mixed Reality, which is the evolution in human, computer, and environment interaction that unlocks many possibilities in the education system. Humanoid’s Immersive Learning allows for lower education costs and flexibility to be educated from anywhere while being more effective. This project hopes to represent what it is to be human in the future and encourage people to look forward to using these technologies by showing the positive impact on the three major aspects of their lives, home, health, and education.